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So who is this Hail Mary anyway? No, my name’s not Mary, and yes, you should know about a Hail Mary pass if you read this blog a bit.Gridion Girl

My name is Cyndi, and I am a certified football fanatic. I have grown up around the game, with my dad hauling us to USC games on Saturdays and screaming at the Rams on TV on Sundays. My husband and I fell in love bonding over our shared affinity for the Indianapolis Colts and have spend years watching them together, enjoying some of our best memories traveling to games and sharing a mutual hatred for all thing Brady-related. And now I am indoctrinating the next generation of NFL fans, my two kids. From getting my labor induced on Peyton Manning’s birthday (hey, it was close to my due date) to forcing my daughter to wear her Edgerrin James jersey on Chargers day at school,  I have given my kids no choice but to love this game and I know they will thank me for it some day!

I live in the pro-sports-challenged-but-nonetheless-lovely town of San Diego, but my football loyalties span the country. And my dream is to bring that same enthusiasm and passion for the game to all of you ladies. I’ve never understood why every woman doesn’t go nuts for football,  at least as much as her man. It’s got drama, competition, violence, celebrity,  insanely fit men with incredible bodies, and off-the-charts antics off-the-field. So join me in celebrating (or at least trying to understand) the greatest game that exists!